One of the most enduring legacies you will ever leave is to gift someone in need.

When making your Will we would very much appreciate if you considered the children in our care at Smyly Trust Services.

We shall put your legacy to the utmost use giving the young people in our care the best opportunities and equipping them to make the most of their futures.

If you do wish to help vulnerable young people enjoy the care all children deserve, see below.

Please see the wording to advise your Solicitor when making your Will.

“I bequeath to Mrs Smyly’s Homes the sum of €………………………Euro, free of duty.

I direct that the receipt of the Secretary for the time being of the said Homes shall be a sufficient discharge for the Legacy, which is to be applied to the general purposes of the said Homes, or that the said Legacy may, at the complete and absolute discretion of the Trustees for the time being of the said Homes, be invested in the purchase of or at the interest upon the security of such stocks, shares, funds, securities and other investments of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situate as the Trustees for the time being shall in their absolute discretion think fit”.