Become a Corporate Partner

Smyly Trust Services have been helping disadvantaged children in Dublin for over 170 years.

Those that enter our residential care are rehomed for their own safety have often been exposed to a variety of dangers such as violence, drug and alcohol misuse etc. within their home environment.

Smyly Trust Services invest heavily in each child’s emotional welfare with our highly trained staff using a therapeutic approach and a continuity of care in a warm and stable home where there is an emphasis on healing past traumas. We offer the normality and comfort of routine, where each child feels secure and has their own special place within our community. They attend local schools, take up hobbies, make friends and live as normal a life as we can provide for them.

We are proud to see the difference in our young people after time at Smyly’s. The transformation from often mistrustful, troubled, sad, withdrawn or frightened children blossoming into curious, confident and above all, happy young people makes our roles so worthwhile.

Our Government funding is limited and we rely on donations and legacies to ensure we give these children the best lives whilst in our care and prepare them for independent adulthood. However, each year we find more of a strain on our resources.
When planning your company’s CSR strategy, we would be grateful if you considered Smyly Trust Services, so we can continue to do the work we do, and more.

Extra funding can be the difference between a short summer break for the children creating happy memories to something more practical. What may seem like a modest sum in the corporate world could have a hugely beneficial impact on the children in our care. From a company’s perspective volunteering has a positive impact on skill development, teambuilding and employee wellbeing. We would be thankful having your input and expertise to help us achieve our goals at Smylys.

If you would like to know more about us, our services and how we could work together by being part of your CSR project please contact us or on +353 1 283 2071

We would be happy to meet or send you more information on the Trust.

Yours sincerely,

David Power
Director Smyly Trust Services